Sunday, 16 October 2016



Finally winter's are close and things are getting back to normal. I hate hot, scorching sun rays, especially when it's hot and humid. I like winters, though I am a summer baby. Now a days, my obsession in makeup is lipstick. I am buying nothing but lipsticks. I firmly believe that give a girl the right lipstick and she will conquer the world. So, today I will be reviewing SUGAR LIPSTICKS.

"Makeup that's high on style & higher on performance. Colour that's crafted for the woman who refuses to be stereotyped into roles. War paint that challenges the status quo. Classy with sass. Sassy with class. SUGAR is you."

Each lipstick retail for INR 599 but I got this whole set from their website at a discounted price of INR 1999. You can buy your set  here
 Best thing about these lipsticks are that they are matte yet moisturizing. 

Packaging: It comes with a cardboard box and has a magnet which insures that the cardboard box do not open. The quality of the box is good. I like the packaging of the lipstick as well. It is not the boring cylindrical packaging but the lipsticks are packed in the cuboid. The sturdy packaging is quite amazing and classy. 

My views about the product

Well, these four lipsticks are AMAZING. Perfect packaging, perfect pigmentation, perfect staying power...... I have been using these from quite a long time and I have been getting compliments from everyone. This box has shade for every occasion and will suit all the skin color. The only shade missing is red but you can always purchase it from the SUGAR COSMETICS site. They have launch new colors and the other shades are also amazing.
The Big Bang Berry is a dark berry plumish shade. It is a beautiful fall color and will suit every occasion. 
Mad Magenta is a deep pinkish magenta shade. It is very creamy and smooth, yet matte.
Breaking Bare is a neutral dusty rosy color and gives you the right amount of color on your lips when you want to look neutral.
Caroline is the City is a beautiful orange color and it does not look odd on the lips.
The lipstick is very pigmented and stays for about 4-5 hours. They are transferable and will definitely fade a little while consuming oily food.

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Caroline in the city, Mad Magenta, Breaking Bare, The Big Bag Berry
Breaking Bare: It is a neutral dusty rosy shade that glides on really well. Perfect for everyday wear. Beauties who don't like dark shade can go for this one as it is very subtle and neutral shade.
The Big Bang Berry: A deep berry plum shade which is a perfect fall shade. It gives instant glow to the skin and brightens a dull day.  I like the name. I think the name is inspired from one of the daily soap name "THE BIG BANG THEORY"
Caroline in the City: Personally I like the name. It is one of those orange colors that don't look odd, in fact it is a very beautiful orange shade which will suit all the skin tone.
Mad Magenta: I don't know why my camera didn't pick up this color It's a very beautiful pinkish magenta shade. Amazing color for day as well as night outings. 
These lipsticks have faint fruity smell and are not at all harsh for sensitive nose. They glide on pretty well and gives an instant pop of color on dull face. It has been truly said that on a bad day there is always lipstick. I personally feel that a lipstick can make your day more beautiful.
Overall, its a must have set as all the colors are unique and perfect for all time of the year. 

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  1. I have the shade mad magenta from this kit and I love it. I need to pick up the other shades, all are pretty.