Friday, 6 November 2015



I am so in love with nature. I mean guy seriously, if you compare your skin with your grandma, you'll definitely know what I mean. So I was surfing the net for some awesome natural herbal and organic products... and look what I found. Yes!!! JUICY CHEMISTRY. 

All their products are -
Freshly Made
Hand Made
NO Alcohols
NO Preservatives
NO Chemicals
NO Animal Testing
NO Synthetic Fragrances

You can message them on 9655663566. You can also see their catalog here
I ordered 8 items from them on 17 October and got the products on 27 October. It took 10 days as they are Coimbatore based and I live in Delhi..... and also because there were national holidays in between. BUT!!! I got my products nicely packed and bubble wrapped, though my under eye cream and lip balm got affected a bit but no harm were made to the products.
I ordered 
  1. Ylang Ylang daily cleanser..... Rs 350
  2. Cell Construction Serum......... Rs 300
  3. Saffrose face and body polish. Rs 600
  4. De Toxication pack................. Rs 600
  5. Coffee and Green Tea infused under eye cream...... Rs 250
  6. Daily day serum...... Rs 1150
  7. Choco Mint scrub..... Rs 200
  8. Rose lip butter.... Rs 100
They also provide you with a wooden spoon and a natural loofah as the products get infected when you put you fingers again and again in the products as they are all natural, without any preservatives and chemical.

Guys you can actually see the natural ingredients in the products.

Best part is that you can actually see the saffron in this serum. 

This serum is a blend of many essential skin oils. It penetrates into the skin. I apply this at night and I can see the awesome result the next day as my skin glows (literary) 

Its been over 10 days and I have started noticing the goodness of nature on my face. It has become radiant, soft and chemical free. My personal favorite is the cell construction serum. I will definitely re order these products. F.Y.I. the shelf life of these products is like just 6 months as they are chemical and preservative free, so be generous in using these products. the quantity and quality both are enough for the individual needs. Stay tuned for the reviews.


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about Juicy Chemistry products. Yet to try it out.